Los Angeles - Sometime in late October, 2015

I had a dream. I was lying alone in bed. I was on my back with my eyes looking ahead, though I can’t tell you what I was looking at. My arms were by my side, maybe seven or eight inches from my body. My legs were stretched in a slight V. I was totally relaxed, just looking ahead. It felt like a perfect early summer morning.

And then my body started to melt. First my skin, then my flesh, then my bones. Just melted away. It didn’t hurt. It felt more like warm water running down my skin. And I wasn’t freaked out or frightened. I was just watching it happen. I could see the different colors - pink, white, red. They stacked on top of each other around me like the layers of the Grand Canyon before they hardened into rocks.

Then only my heart was left. It was beating and shiny and fleshy. Totally alive. And then, it melted too. My heart melted just like the rest of my body. And from its place that remained, came these powerful rays of all-encompassing warmth towards you.

Los Angeles - October 17, 2015

Los Angeles - October 23, 2015