Berlin – August 24, 2015

Act Three - Scene Three

(shot in black & white)

A smoky, intimate stage. 1950s. A pianist at the piano. The singer stands at the microphone and takes a drag off of her cigarette. The pianist begins to play the intro to MARA BEBOOS (famous Persian song translating to Kiss Me). She closes her eyes. The intro comes to an end followed by an uneasy silence. The sounds of a restless room. Unmet expectations. She rides the discomfort to its cusp and then lets her breath escape through the strands of her vocal chords.

The song ends.

CLOSE ON the audience erupting into a feverish applause.

She opens her eyes and ingratiates them with a smile and then a slight bow.


Berlin – August 22, 2015

Los Angeles – September 5, 2015